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The Decisions, Attitudes, Risk and Thinking (DART) research group regularly conducts behavioural science studies and experiments to better understand how individuals and professionals make decisions, perceive and communicate risks, and innovate to solve problems and to find out how we can improve people's ability to achieve better outcomes for themselves, at work, and in the wider society. 

If you would like to learn about our work and be invited to take part in our studies, you can register your details below. When we run a new study, we will send you an email giving you information about the study and details about what you need to do to participate. Some studies will take place online while others will take place at the Kingston Business School (KT2 7LB).

Note that participation is voluntary - if you do not want to take part in a particular experiment you have been invited to, you will not have to. If you wish to withdraw your participation after you accepted to participate, you are also free to do so.

Privacy Policy

When you register you need to give us some personal details. We use these solely to organise our experiments and will never pass them on to anyone else. 

You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails.

We will record data about your decisions, attitudes, beliefs, and performance in our studies. We use these data for our scientific work, which we aim to publish and present in talks. The data we report will always be anonymous: we are not interested in the identity of who provided each particular set of answer and in our work we never identify individual participants.

We will take a record of which experiments you take part in though, because we may not want to invite you to an experiment if you have participated in a similar one already. We also keep a record of the experiments you sign up to but fail to attend.

In some experiments, we may offer you a small payment in exchange for your participation. If this is happens, you will be asked to complete a receipt for any money that you are paid at the end of the experiment. This receipt will include the date of the experiment, your name, signature and amount paid. We will pass these on to the University Finance Department who retains them as proof of payment.
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This allows us to contact you in urgent cases, e.g. when a session needs to be cancelled.

Please confirm that you accept the privacy policy to confirm your registration.

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